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Donation and Sponsorship Requests

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Donation and Sponsorship Requests


  1. The system will “time out” after 2 hours of inactivity resulting in a loss of your information.
  2. Copy down the Application ID Number that is given when the request is submitted.
  3. All correspondence will be by e-mail to the address supplied in the “Applicant Information” section of the grant application. Please ensure that if you are processing this request that you have access to that e-mail account.

The following information is required unless otherwise noted:

Organization Profile: Complete your organization's profile.

  • Legal Corporate Name
  • Address
  • Phone, Fax, Tax ID Number, Tax Status
  • Web Address (if available)

Contact Information:

  • Project Contact Information
  • Alternate Contact Information

Project Description:

  • Local or National Project (Local is considered to be counties in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley; National is considered to be all other areas)
  • Project Title
  • Program Area (if applicable)
  • Budget
  • Goal of the request
  • Expected Results

Additional Organization and Project Information:

  • Mission of your organization
  • Population the program/project will reach
  • Organizational structure
  • Annual budget
  • Strategic plans
  • Affiliations

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